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Higher-self Architecture by Christopher A Chaplin

Esoteric Hypothesized Poetry & prose

360-degree language decoding and refinery

HeadItchy & AnuWordical

Not knowing is irritating. Word archaeology and refinery.

The practice of operating in your higher self through HeadItchy & Anuwordical gives the soul diaspora an opportunity to code the narrative

Linguistic ore processing and refinery project where we unlock, decode and redefine words, phrases, symbols, bible/religious versus scripture, poetry, Idioms, numerology, morals metaphor allegory used in our languages

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Funding a Stewardian Soulciety Backed by Soul Power

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Decoding language will give us the tools to return Tahuti vision to earth and reach our highest capacity for knowledge

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”

HeadItchy & Anuwordical is word archeology, Linguistic ore processing and refinery project where we unlock, decode and redefine, words, phrases, symbols, bible scripture verses, poetry & prose, Idioms, gematria numerology, morals metaphor allegory used in our languages to emancipate our minds and expose esoteric intentions.

Here you will exercise Higher self-architecture through language archeology and refinery we will obtain the power to emerge into our high self and exercise 360-degree awareness freely access akashic records in full agreement with the cosmos.   

  • Discover esoteric meaning of language
  • Activate and exercise your pineal gland
  • Increase your mind power
  • Accelerate brain processing
  • Restore and establish the ability to know Right (agreement) from Wrong (disagreement) and maintain symbiosis with earth.
  • Operate and write the code for reality
  • Access the Akashic records
  • Obtain the knowledge and skill to decipher esoteric meaning of language and the abstract aspects of reality.
  • Increase your spiritual IQ
  • Raise your vibrations operate your higher self
  • Obtain elements to enhance your literary, music visual other creative arts skills
  • Contribute to the largest production and  transfer of knowledge in modern time
  • Increase eherfesting and manifesting abilities 
  • Improve physical and mental plain resource and sorcery skills 
  • Heal Cognitive dissonance 
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