About HeadItchy & AnuWordical

HeadItchy & Anuwordical is word archeology, Linguistic ore processing and refinery project where we unlock, decode and redefine, words, phrases, symbols, bible scripture verses, poetry & prose, Idioms, gematria numerology, morals metaphor allegory used in our languages to emancipate our minds and expose esoteric intentions.

Here you will exercise Higher self-architecture through language archeology and refinery we will obtain the power to emerge into our high self and exercise 360-degree awareness freely access akashic records in full agreement with the cosmos.

HeadItchy is all about mining solutions from the minds quarry. Solutions could not be realized without problems becoming materialized. Post your minds most stupendous worries and let our geniuses dive and dig deep through the mud of knowledge and emerge with minerals for thought.  

Words are about the sounds they make not what they describe. Go Beaaa for contact!

“Decoding language will give us the tools to return heaven to earth and reach our highest capacity for knowledge.”

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