Concept life flows in 360 degrees this creates a circle that makes up a whole. everything that exist is hosted inside this circle. this circle flows in a counterclockwise spiral. there are 9 numbers plus the whole. If one whole circle makes 8 fractions then each 45 degree equals one fraction and each fraction after the whole (core, circle) equals the number 1 -9 and after. each whole circle in a circle makes one whole = 8 2 circles = 16 3 wholes 24 I have sketched out an example of what I want and I hope you can do it so the computer can add them 3 parts +5 parts makes one circle or whole. If not a nice chart with a spiral with its number on each part or whatever we will discuss what you see 9 is 2 circles plus one fraction and 10 is 2 circles plus 2 fractions or lines sections

Numbers are degrees that determine angles needed to potion your trajectory of ascension. The dot represents consciousness the circle around it represents the activated cell this is the sun and each cell I your body is a relica of it. Cutting your body away from is mother source kills your charge.